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Best Processor: Z80

Best Computer: TRS-80 and clones (especially Genie I, Genie IIs, Genie IIIs)

Many thanks to Uwe Böker (Genie IIs) and Helmut Bernhardt (redesign for HD64180)!

Genie IIs with HD64180

Best Operating System: NEWDOS 80

Second Best Operating System: CP/M

Best Graphics: 128x48 green/black (or interchangeably amber/black)

Best Games

Best Tool: Scripsit

Best `Higher' Programming Language (not useful for `real programmers'): Turbo Pascal for CP/M

Biggest influence in my life

Once in the early eighties I read an essay in `80 micro' (or some other TRaSh-80 magazine). The author (sorry, I forgot his name) started to worry about his way of life when he realized that he was trying to solve the problems with his wife using assembler programming. This startled me and I began to think about my way of living. After years of thinking I came up with a conclusion: I switched to Turbo-Pascal.